Friday, August 26, 2011

In the garden today

A mouthful of mandarins
bursting sunshine on her tongue
while she regards her brush strokes,
application of pigments,
and her freshly painted feet
Dreamsicle orange petals sway
rustling papery sounds
sunflower stalk on the rise
green grass and leaves
snail trails and spider webs
 made of metal additives
shimmer at night
only the lucky will see
the secret glittering messages
left here and there
in the garden
all over her hands today
in her hair
on her coveralls
like a banana peeled to the middle
promising fruit
sleeves tied at her waist
In the garden
she listens to the wind
she sings and smiles
she's being watched
like a fruit in the heat
ready to burst
and rain colorful sugars
and nectar into the soil
the earth laughs in flowers
laughter heals the soul

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