Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All is full of love

Wildfire, neon light, fox prance
cultivated steady into
produce, electric bill, morning route

no quick recovery
from humdrum numbness
your words are like ice daggers
into my heart

tow the load
down the old dusty trail
nobodies fault but my own
on my way
to the wildfire prance
two by two
full of hope and lightning bug power

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hey boy

In this place you are standing behind me.  I can feel your breath upon my body.  Come closer to me...I am drowning in this longing to take action.  Clawing to rise above the surface and take a deep breath and clear my mind of you.  I am haunted............

 As I lay here in my room all alone, you in my head, I scan over the surface of my fleshscape.  Watching the living hills rise and fall with each breath.  I see my thighs like pillars made of milk, knees leaning on one another like lovers strolling through the park.  They sway from left to right in tune with the music softly wafting through the air.  Subtle vibrations that influence my emotions always.  The covers are velveteen and this room is dark.  In my solitude I relish the serenity and freeness of it all.  I can pretend you're here and writhe about seductively while you watch me on my bed.  Or I can imagine you watching me through the bathroom window where the amber oiled steam rises like swirling phantoms out the window into the night air.  Your eyes just above the sill as I'm smoothing my oils over my shoulders and arms. The sweat and bathwater tears blend and roll down my waist in rivulets to the curves of my hips.  I raise one leg and with both hands I smooth the scented loveliness up and down my inner thigh.  I move my hands up my belly to my ribs, to my breasts.  You are what is on my mind in moments like these.  You've been here for so long.  You were there when I snuck out of the window into the night and ran naked through the forest.  You were there the time I sprawled out on top of my dad's car in the yard under the moonlight, nipples taut at the cold twilight.  You'll be there when I lay my head down tonight and summon you here with me.
 Not totally.  No, never are you really here, but you may never come to me in such form.  I will make due with the apparition.  Maybe in a parallel universe I appear in your head, daunting you and seducing you over and over again.  I wonder if I have black feathered wings, or tendrils of light sprouting from between my shoulders that encompass you and turn you all around.  You've unfurled your obsidian wings for me.  I've heard your hooves disturb the dusty understory of the forest where I crept all naked and wild.  You've chased me underwater and kissed me there giving me gills.  I'll swim in these fantasies from this world to the next, and from the next back to this.  I carved this deep inside myself and it displays beautifully.

Our brightest star

Always changing, never failing to pull me in.  Swept away by it.  The sensation of particlizing, fragmenting into nothing.  Overwhelmed with passion as I'm being cut loose in this place called Melissa.  Rolling smooth curves swoon beneath the blazing energy of the sun.  I lay down to look at my beautiful landscape.  I run my fingers across the hills of living flesh.  Tremors blanket my breast at my touch.  My tightened nipples giggle at the warning of potential earthquakes.  My knees part for the heat of our brightest star.  That's all it takes to get me there.  A wild place where the best lover of all lovers comes to me and brings me the sweetest treasure........
I can see it waiting to happen.  I can feel it ready to begin.  Turning over, I press my face into the cool fabric of my pillows.  They smell of me after a long, hot soak.  They entice me with their secrets kept within from nights of fantasies and wonton desires.  I arch my back as I gather my knees beneath me.  The covers fall away like a curtain in an underground theater.  My hips sway from side to side as I part my legs slowly, slightly.  I arch my back so my ass is as high in the air as possible and rub it open palmed around in circles.  "Smack!"  I slip my fingers into my mouth and wet them.  As I'm sucking my fingers and spanking myself I dream of you.  I slip my newly moistened finger tips between my legs to wet my feverish clit.  All eyes are on me in my mind as I spread my legs wider.  My pussy is warm and aching to be fucked.  I imagine you here rubbing my ass.  Kissing it, adoring it.  You press your lips to my cunt from behind like a thirsting convict parched from the dry heat of living on the lamb.  Tingles and shudders course through my whole body down to my toes.  You enter my slit with flattened tongue as you squeeze my ass.  I want you to show me everything.  You rise up behind me and run your fingers up the nape of my neck.  You pull me up by a fistful of hair and nudge me towards the wall.  I raise my hands as we draw nearer.  The support of the wall is good.  I know I'm gonna need it.  Then I feel warm liquid rolling down my back over my ass spilling over my cunt like a river to the sea.  Oil me down, caress my newly oiled thighs.  Tell me what you're going to do to me.  You get out a big paddle and proceed to oil it down as well.  I feel such anticipation.  Butterflies set loose in my belly.  I know it's coming but I don't know when!  "Pow!"  Oh how that sting brings me pleasure.  Again and again you spank it like you stroke your own cock. You relish at the site of my red ass from your unrelenting power. I feel your cock slap against my slippery outer thigh with every stroke. You stop suddenly, my eyes are closed.  I want you to spank my hot pussy, but I am waiting for your command.  I feel your hand cup it from behind. You give it a good, solid clap.  The blood rushes to my face.  You proceed to steadily smack my pussy with your cupped hand.  I want to writhe at this, but I dare not.  You slide your thumb inside me as you curl your pointer finger around my wet, pink bell.  Your teeth are on my back and neck.  Tongue, lips, teeth all intermingle around my throat.  I can't help but rock back driving your thumb deep inside my sopping cunt.  Back and forth, back and forth moaning.  Your other hand all over my shiny hard breasts   Then you grab me by the hips and pull my ass towards you bending me over onto the bed again.  You push my face to the pillows and give a good, hard blow to each cheek. You push your hard cock into my stoked cunt.  You drive it all the way up into me till it can go no further.  "My god your going to break me."  "Fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck me like the whore I am."  Your pumping me good now.  I love the way your balls slap up against my clit with every thrust.  You rake your nails from the base of my skull down my back only to rake along my hips and up to my heaving chest.  You pinch down and roll my nipples like crisp, golden almonds between your fingertips whilst pounding me harder and harder.  My cunt is sopping and oiled as you pull away only to slam back into me like a crazed animal.  I am reared back with my ass as high as the sky with my face smashed down in the covers when you pull out.  You slather my ass good with another oil again.  You slide your cock between the hot curves of my fully lubed ass cheeks. You fill my ass with warm oil as you play with my clit. Then I feel the head of your cock pushing to enter my most secret pleasure.  You push it in further till your hips meet mine.  I'm beyond control at this point.  I can't stop moaning.  You slowly retreat from me.  My ass, tight and slippery, undulates and melts with hot relief as you pull away.  You slip it back in softly and I feel the push again.  I find myself telling you "Fuck my tight ass just like that."  I want to feel your big cock all the way in and all the way out and I just can't help but tell you how much I love it.  Your hands on each cheek with your fingers spanned out wide around them.  The sound you make as you slide in and out makes me want to make you come so hard. We begin to gain momentum together.  I can sense your urgency to dispatch your bridled spark from deep within. You grab a handful of hair and begin to slap up against me as you thrust your turgid member harder and deeper into me. Then I'm there.  Waves of the most pleasurable vibrations begin to tumble like thunder throughout my body. You disembogue your lascivious load into me.  You're reducing my once proud, reared back, cowgirl stance to a quivering pool of duantless satisfaction.  I tremble and twitch curled up and spent.  Now you know what's in the heart of my engine's rage.


I am swimming in the sweetest water
I am asleep deep in the forest of dreams
My mirrors are enamored of you
You flash and flicker through the prisms of my minds eye
I run warm and wet through the heavy green grass
Breathless and laughing
The moon shines for me and lays her silver blessings
Down dancing across my taught nipples
Your words are forged into me
Deep and penetrating 
Sparks of light unfold from my tongue
Into your ear racing into your brain
Showing you the heavens that await you

On bottom

The sting heats me
like a home in the snow,
all warm and snug inside.
I want you to provide
the sting I so deeply crave.
Feeling like a little girl who done something bad,
chastised sweetly,
spellbound by your authority.
Red earth is the color of heat...

Overpower me
anticipating, wincing, wanting.
Punish me for wanting this.
How badly I ache
for you to be there
when I'm coming out of my steaming
perfumed bath.
How tantalizing it would be to feel
both finger and thumb's
pinching pressure
upon my steaming oiled nipples
with your cheek touching mine.
One hand to my throat
the other digging nails
into the bell of my ass....

As I lay here in the tub
I dream of this place
where you put me over
your knee.
You pull my head back
with tenderness.
Slip the leather bit
to the back of my bite and
pull the reigns.
Crack my sweet, flawless
round ass.
The sting melts me
and my liquid self mixes
with the bubbles
swirling in the scorching hot water.

I'm still dreaming
when I'm drying off.
I rub scented cream
into my thighs and buttocks
I give myself a firm smack.
It's so good.
It's not enough.
I give the peach
a few stinging slaps.
I smart at the feel of it,
wincing at the pain-
then that dizzying sting again...
It makes me wet,
my bell swells
at the thought of you
pulling the reigns
and spanking my cheeks
while slowly
pumping into
my aching cunt.
Hand prints blending
into each other
all over my ass
the leather tastes so good
between my teeth
Feeling your hands
smooth over my thighs....
Tie me down..
Take me over and over....

String puller

Fingers curled through my ribbons
to lace me up tight
You give them a solid yank
Silken, hand-made
threadbare and tattered
twirling spirals
hit the floor
in a pile of black coils
at my bare feet
you're a nail biter
a liar
secret snatcher
kissing snake
you dress me
in your panties
you undress me
in your bedroom
one line drawings
of me
as Artemis
I am your huntress
I will take you down
two black diamonds
you and I
bone and blood
flesh and calcium
water and electricity
dreams encased in soft tissue
you are chaos calling
I am the rhythm you seek
I ran through crisp air and autumn leaves
to your room
not a moment to spare
you will dissappear
and with you all that magic
that is made up of only us

Waiting in line

On the bus, waiting in a ticket line, at the grocery store or anywhere and I become immersed in these thoughts.  I drift into this hidden place where I make up the worlds the people in line live in.  They catch my eye and I imagine them in the shower, wrestling into their socks or swimming naked in a river.  I take off their clothes and take down their protective walls all in a moment in line.  I watch this woman texting, smiling to herself while she is living in another world with someone else as she stands so near. I imagine she's having a magical time all her own.  I stare because she is beautiful.  I watch her because we are strangers and may never cross paths again.