Friday, May 11, 2012


Layers of love stories
piles of precious velvet
lay thick and  heavy upon my heart.
I pull away each layer
 to dig out my soul,
 but I keep lingering on memories.
 They hum and whisper sweet songs that were made just for me.
  I get caught by a stitch or burn.
 Lose myself in remembering
our special patterns.
 I can hear the honeybees buzzing in my red delicious heart.
They remind me
I am queen.
So i continue digging
through soft, luxurious fabric
doing my best
not to linger here
or digress.
I'm on a mission
 I want to love
to be loved back
but I fear
adding another layer over my heart.
I don't want to bury her
She's a good and sturdy vessel.

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