Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tell me how he fucked you

  We held each other for a long while. He circled my mound through lace panties till she began to bubble.  He dipped and probed and ripped a hole in my fishnets.  He slid under the covers and moved to taste. For a long time he stayed there lapping, tasting and probing till I erupted onto his mouth. Then he pushed my knees back and spread me wide. He slowly circled my lips and clit with his hardness.  I was pushing my hips toward him to receive,  but he kept teasing me. He pushed my face away and pushed his fingers into my mouth and instinctively I sucked them. Then he plumbed my cunt in a slow heavy push.  He fucked my cunt with my hands held fast at my sides, then put my legs over his shoulder.  The bed scooted on the wooden floor with every thrust.  I was shuddering with pleasure.  Then he turned me over and gripped my hair and fucked me from behind.  He spanked and gripped my ass with one hand while gripping my hair tight in his fist with the other. His cock curves so perfectly upward into me this way. I circled my soaking pussy with my fingers and thrust my ass up high to take him in. Harder and deeper he pummeled me till my walls shook as they squeezed him. I begged as I came for him to cum on my face.....

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