Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dream time

Dreamed I was trying to save this man from death. Death was like being rotten and threadbare under water screaming hollowness. The instrument of death was a gun. The gun was shot and went through this quarter making a perfect hole. I was in some huge garage.  The killer was a henchmen who could turn into a snake like creature made of paper. I was tricking it into laughter. I woke myself up talking to it. I had two souls to save from him, the souls were brothers. Pigment, concrete, machines. I also dreamed before that I was tending this couple. They were sleeping together on the ground in this huge theater kind of back stage among light rigging and props. I was taking double handfuls of wet sand and patting their hips. They were spooning. I was careful not to wake them. I was scared the man would rape me if he woke up. The woman was my sister. Somehow that gave the man the right to take me if he so desired. I did not like that. I started building bigger hips and thighs on my own body with the sand. I was sitting on my knees thinking of cleopatra. There were electrical circuits under the sand and machines for me to manipulate. .......

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