Monday, October 24, 2011

Lately drumming

pretend I'm going to sleep
Dreaming of c batteries
Thinking of the perfect lover
Touching myself
Blazing a path from my yoni to my heart
A stroke of lightning
In my kitty bed
In my brothers closet
Unbeknownst to them all
I stoke the fire inside
Burning hotter than the sun
Between my thighs 
Pillars of joy
Cocked and loaded
Ansy Trigger finger 
Disco fever in my pj's
Pushing the limits
Of my own pleasure
Fingers in my mouth
Suckling the flesh
Of my own rare fruit
Exploring the possibilities
Fiddler in the shadows
Getting to know me
Increasing velocity
At the thought of you
Inside me pushing
All boundaries
My pulse like a drum
Signaling other tribes
Explosions of shattered magick
Flying through space
Out of time
My secret song
Fills the air
With headiness 

1 comment:

  1. just made me feel like a woman for the very first time ever. who am i to not know myself better?