Monday, August 20, 2012

Dreaming along

I have always had such intense and vivid dreams my whole life.  For the past twenty four years I've kept a dream log or journal off and on.  I remember dreams from my childhood still to this day.  I feel there's just something to this one so I'm posting it.

I dreamed of living in a crazy loft apt and Kelleen n Quinn had moved in while I was out at the grocery store. We were talking about their baby being on it's way while washed veggies in the sink. Quinn was watching dirt bike races on tv. Kellen and i were admiring the woodwork in the loft when the moulding around one of the thresholds I was leaning on  just came clean off. I then realized the place was a set for a film. Next thing I know I've got a crew of friends coming to this restaurant I love (in dream space) and I hadn't paid it a visit in a long time. So we get inside and it's being run by these big stocky Russian ladies. They're not friendly and this one lady ushers us into a filthy lounge where the only open tables are too small and littered with the previous diners' dishes. The other people eating at the restaurant stopped abruptly and stared at us. One very chunky young woman in a short sun dress was sitting on her table exposing her polka dot pantied rear end to everyone with her family sitting at the table.  I turned to face my hostess and asked her what happened to this place. She had lilac eyeshadow all over her face as if it were foundation. She snarled at me and grabbed me by the arm. I yanked my arm out of her grip and started yelling "Where's the manager of this place?!" I was so angry that she had laid hands on me. I stomped over to the register where this sullen old man was sitting looking absolutely drained of all happiness. I asked him for the owners info and told him they should all be ashamed of themselves for being so filthy and rude. I marched out hungry and still a bit cranky and walked to the parking lot to my group of friends waiting outside. Now before I was with people I've known all my life.  My group had changed into a different bunch of people. In my dream I knew them, but in waking life I can't imagine who they are. There were three or four guys dressed like they were in a wedding or going to a business meeting.  I carried on about how crazy that lady was for having purple powdered eyeshadow all over her face till this man interrupts me by handing me a coconut popsicle. Another guy is suddenly in front of me with a camera telling me to pose with it for a picture. I wrap my mouth around it and lasciviously suck the cold fruity goodness right off the stick in one motion. Then I blew them both a kiss, turned on my heel and sauntered off into a beautiful jewelry store across the parking lot. It had no storefront. I just walked right into this room with purple walls, green carpet and an orange ceiling. I held my chin up high as if I could afford anything in the place as I passed the lady running the store. At the far end of the room was the Tiffany show case. Now what's so strange to me in retrospect is I don't give a hoot about designer jewelry. I love sparkly things and antique jewelry, but I don't care much for diamonds. There were bracelets carved out of rare milky jades adorned with tiny diamonds and hand tooled flowers. The most impressive display was this mirrored wall with glass shelves. On each little shelf there were black velvet panther figurines with all diamond jewelry cleverly placed on their bodies. One wore a tennis bracelet worth thousands draped like a saddle blanket on it's back. Another had tiny diamond rings perched on each furry black ear. The all had bright diamond eyes. I suddenly startled awake for no reason really. My friend last night dreamed we were in a languid lagoon sipping tea while deep under water. She said there were trinkets everywhere and that my hair swirled in the water like ribbons of fire.
  Life's been pretty crazy lately and it's been a spell since I've remembered my dreams. I'm glad I remembered this one and I'm glad she remembered hers too.

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