Monday, July 30, 2012

Might as well live

Yellow paper dress
Fragrant flower in my hair
Whiskey smoke tongue
licking sizzle chops
Bass on lock
moon roof open
smell of summer
Swinging to the stars
Synchronized musical swayback
I nudge my slides off
Getting into the rhythm
Red shiny ribbons of spun silk
Thunder in tendrils
Back and forth
Back and forth
unknown territory
Rumbling with love
A thousand petals unfurl
From deep inside my core
Breath of life
Yellow paper dress
Swirling up as I soar
Rustling soft baby chick yellow
Kissing my thighs
Feather touching my hips
Unveiling Vessa legs
Kicking in the wind
Toes spread
feet arched
Giggling at the dip
Upside down
Eyes open
Taut like a peach
About to burst forth
In this heat
Leaving little fires everywhere I go
Singing to myself
Gripping the silver flask
with my little pony legs
unscrewing the lid
Always dancing

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