Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On bottom

The sting heats me
like a home in the snow,
all warm and snug inside.
I want you to provide
the sting I so deeply crave.
Feeling like a little girl who done something bad,
chastised sweetly,
spellbound by your authority.
Red earth is the color of heat...

Overpower me
anticipating, wincing, wanting.
Punish me for wanting this.
How badly I ache
for you to be there
when I'm coming out of my steaming
perfumed bath.
How tantalizing it would be to feel
both finger and thumb's
pinching pressure
upon my steaming oiled nipples
with your cheek touching mine.
One hand to my throat
the other digging nails
into the bell of my ass....

As I lay here in the tub
I dream of this place
where you put me over
your knee.
You pull my head back
with tenderness.
Slip the leather bit
to the back of my bite and
pull the reigns.
Crack my sweet, flawless
round ass.
The sting melts me
and my liquid self mixes
with the bubbles
swirling in the scorching hot water.

I'm still dreaming
when I'm drying off.
I rub scented cream
into my thighs and buttocks
I give myself a firm smack.
It's so good.
It's not enough.
I give the peach
a few stinging slaps.
I smart at the feel of it,
wincing at the pain-
then that dizzying sting again...
It makes me wet,
my bell swells
at the thought of you
pulling the reigns
and spanking my cheeks
while slowly
pumping into
my aching cunt.
Hand prints blending
into each other
all over my ass
the leather tastes so good
between my teeth
Feeling your hands
smooth over my thighs....
Tie me down..
Take me over and over....

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