Wednesday, June 22, 2011

String puller

Fingers curled through my ribbons
to lace me up tight
You give them a solid yank
Silken, hand-made
threadbare and tattered
twirling spirals
hit the floor
in a pile of black coils
at my bare feet
you're a nail biter
a liar
secret snatcher
kissing snake
you dress me
in your panties
you undress me
in your bedroom
one line drawings
of me
as Artemis
I am your huntress
I will take you down
two black diamonds
you and I
bone and blood
flesh and calcium
water and electricity
dreams encased in soft tissue
you are chaos calling
I am the rhythm you seek
I ran through crisp air and autumn leaves
to your room
not a moment to spare
you will dissappear
and with you all that magic
that is made up of only us

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