Monday, September 17, 2012

Farm lover

Over the past two nights I've had some intense dreams.  I feel like letting them out here. Last night I dreamed I was floating around on a pool raft naked looking for a place to tether myself so I could play with myself while floating. It was a warm, sunny afternoon and the wind in the trees was all I could hear.  I was very afraid of being caught.  I was floating around a flooded building outside.  As if there had been a massive flood and the water level went up to the first floor inside and out.  The water was clear and Caribbean blue.  I had friends there floating and tethered taking naps.  I had to avoid them for fear of being caught as well.  There were demons on the roof and they were going to eat me if they found me.

 This next dream is especially weird because it's about someone I've never met in person.  Social networks on mobile devices and computers have brought a new way of communicating to the table for everyone using them.  I have formed cyber relations in different places with tons of people all over the world. Mainly on sights that share photos.  I have never dreamed of any of these people until the other night.  

The night before last....
 I dreamed it was dark and smelled of a storm front outside. There were wild flowers and tall grasses whipping in the wind making this oceanic sound.  We were on a farm and the animals were really loud because they were getting spooked.  The air was charged with electricity.  I was with this man in the cab of a farm truck,we were under a soft, red blanket. He breathed on my neck and pushed his body close to spoon mine.  My back was to him and he began kissing my shoulders and caressing my hips. He delicately pulled the shoulders of my night gown down to reveal my back. I could feel his breath on my spine which made me shudder and writhe.  I felt his calloused hands start to explore my thighs as he said my name into my ear. My night gown was being pulled up to my waist and he gripped it tight so as to hold me in place. I felt the fabric stretch across my belly as he pressed his manhood against my round, delicious ass.  I wasn't supposed to be with him.  He was off limits.  I felt him grip a handful of my hair.  He slowly pulled at it hard at the scalp as he  played with my body.  I couldn't help but let him.  I wanted him intensely. I turned over to kiss his mouth for the first time. I had been fantasizing about this very moment for months.  I ran my tongue just barely along his lower lip as he drank of my full, beautiful mouth.  He cupped my breasts in his hands and twisted my nipples between his fingers while pressing his knee at my most secret place.  Once he registered the moisture he knew I was ready.  We looked into each others eyes and lightening blasted at full volume close by. He flipped me back over and pushed his huge cock into me while holding me tight and warm.  It was the most incredible feeling ever.  I pushed him away and out. I turned over and took the red blanket and hid underneath it.  I explored with my hands to find what I wanted.  I licked my lips and slowly began to take him into my mouth.  The sounds he made were so sweet. Suddenly we heard people running toward the truck and we had to stop.  I woke up melting into my covers alone in my night gown trying to think of a way to get back to the dream.  I figure it's closest to the perfect lover I'm going to get.  They're always so attentive and sexy in your dreams you know?  You do not have to teach them how to do things right (not that there's anything wrong with that).  They just know you, because it is you.  Yet it is you in the form of your dream lover.  How sweet that was.  I want to go back.