Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Found in an old journal

February 8, 2004

   I swore never to write any entries of a sexual nature in this journal, but alas, I cannot resist.  I'd burn for all eternity if could have the sinful pleasures I so desire.  If only there was a fantasy place where we were free to be any creature we wished. I would love to make love to him sheathed in immortal skin. I wish to fly through the darkness of night skies and seduce my prey. Pale, marble skin and crystal eyes flash in the moonlight.  My jaws twitch at the smell of blood pumping through live flesh. I've always had these fantasies.  It surprises me that even now I fantasize about such girlish notions.  I can hear and feel the pulse of another existence beneath the surface of reality. I imagine him as an animalistic, powerful demon. He takes me in his arms, sinks his teeth into my flesh and orgasms beyond human comprehension explode throughout my entire body. Waves of desire and lust overpower all previous feelings of fear. Let go Melissa...  Drift away to a secret, dark pit of sin. All the love of darkness filling my thoughts must mean something. It is so easy to romanticize the image of him. I've already changed him. Turned him into this powerful creature that really only exists in books and movies.

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