Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Studio kiss

In this dream I come to the studio in my little pale rose printed blouse and jeans. I'm wearing my painting apron the kids made me at the preschool. I walk up to the studio next to Seth's and edge toward the open door. There you sit at a large wooden desk. Busy with work. I peek very carefully over the threshold to see if it's really you. I see your beautiful face illuminated by the lamp. It's night and you've been tinkering with something that has you puzzled. I move back behind the wall out of sight. I'm not going in there. What am I doing? I should leave, but I don't. I wring my hands and bite my lip struggling to make a decision. So I walk away toward the stairwell to leave. As I begin to descend the marble steps I look back over my shoulder to see the light from your studio one last time. Only this time I see your eyes peering around the threshold in the warm light. I'm caught. I smile at you. You look hard and long into me. I come closer and you go back into the room. I walk in and you're at your desk in a big office chair. Your back is to the desk and you're eating some kind of candy. I take in your scent and my body responds. You have a studio mate and he's having a craft party. He and his friends are making costumes and weapons out of black, midnight blue and dark purple glow in the dark tape. I'm sitting in a chair next to you chatting with your friend. Hes very excited about this crazy sword he made. It's ridiculously long and I'm stifling laughter because he's so serious about it. He starts to dance and waves the sword around like he's a Kung Fu movie star. Then I feel myself being pulled backward in my chair into you. You spin my chair and you put me in your lap. You run your hands into my hair and breathe me in. I'm lying on my back in your arms looking up into your eyes. My feet are propped up on the desk. You ask me very quietly with your mouth so close to mine "What kind of magic did you bring with you to Washington?" I said I haven't shared ritual here with anyone yet. You lift my face to yours and say "It's time you did."  The last thing I remember is you telling me it's not a kiss if you're only sharing candy. You then put your mouth to mine and I reach for the sweet spheres you offer with my tongue. One by one you slowly move these delicious little round candies into my mouth. I try hard not to kiss you, but our lips are sweet and molten lava is swelling in my chest. I very carefully move my lips along yours never breaking the seal and letting the candies flow from you to me. I suck the very tip of your tongue as I take another candy. You kiss back slow and careful. We kissed for hours it seemed. I woke up with your arms still wrapped around me drinking from my mouth.

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