Monday, November 8, 2010

Here and there

At my desk, looking at girls.  So many beautiful girls to see here. I want him under my desk. Under my clothes.  Under my skin.  I am stretching the fabric. Filling my underthings with the visions flashing in my mind.  Touch me there.  Breathe me in.  Slide your hands into my world. Roll me over and press my face into the cushion of the booth.  Kissing my panties and holding me thrumming and alive.  I want a swing, a see saw, a glove, a paddle.  I want you to tear the shower curtain off and pull my wet naked body out like a looter in a riot.  Run with me.  Your prize for the taking. Your grip on my hips. Pull me to your body and let me feel your powers.  Push my wrists into the mattress and smell my neck. Remember my body flashing in the light of the street lamps.  Feel my heart pounding into yours.  I will take you down too. Let your hold tighten and your hardness dominate.  I feel the ringing of a million tiny bells surging in my center. I am the one exploding silently in the corner. My petals fall away into a river of heat.  I burn the covers with my sweltering force. Pour your words into this vessel.  It is endless and eternal.  It is forever and ever, a need without end.

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