Monday, November 8, 2010

Sinister curves

She's standing in her panties all soft and smooth.  I am ignited when I notice the contrast of the fabric against her skin.  Tracing the indention line down the middle of her back leading my eyes to the curvature of her undeniably gorgeous ass,  her eyes meet mine and the butterflies escape some secret chamber in my heart and flit about like bandits in my brain.  While I move closer I see the submission in her countenance already, yet she never loses the evidence of her ferocity inside.  I start with her mouth.  Oh this is a lovely place. They are twin rubies of velvet waiting for me to taste them softly with my own.  I lightly touch them with my fingers sliding over to her jaw line in utter adoration at such living artwork.  I run my hands from the nape of her neck down her back, forward to her hips and ending at her thighs.   I get on my knees before her and squeeze them causing her nipples to tighten and peak.  I look up to her face framed between her pendulous breasts and press my cheek to her soft pelvis.  I slowly rise slightly dragging the sides of my lips along her abdomen up between her simmering hills of flesh.  I bury my face in her neck and breathe in deep all her secrets and quickly make mental notes.  Our breasts touch and our nipples make contact.  There is such electricity moving in invisible waves between our bodies.  I kiss her neck slowly and softly and tell her she's mine.  My hands cup her hips, my fingers slide around to find the lacy waistline of her panties.  Her thin white panties are so frail and inept to withstand the pressure of my advancing knee.  She is smoking fucking hot.  I cannot wait a moment longer to taste her and make her writhe in my wake.  My warm, wet tongue enters her mouth slowly and we linger in a kiss so perfect, flawless and delectable.  She is delicious and ready.  She walks over to the velvet armchair and sits down with her back arched and breasts begging to be sucked and bitten lightly.  I spread her legs apart and drape each one on either side of the arms of the chair.  I take her breasts in my hands and squeeze feverishly.  I look into her eyes and unfurl my tongue to the tips of her nipples.  I suck each one drunkenly.  In love with one, then the other.  I release my grip and they bounce and boil over at me.  I lap at them, lick them, suck them and delight in them in every way possible. She writhes at my breasts pressed against her inner thighs.  I proceed to lick and suck her ribs and belly running my hands along her calves and up her legs.  I kiss her inner thighs and she raises her hips offering herself to me.  I graze the thin barrier between my mouth and her pussy with warm exhale.  She rises once more pushing the crotch of her panties to my mouth and I give her a little bite and quickly pull away making her whimper and moan in frustration.  I hover over this sweet spot and gently pull them aside.  I kiss the roof softly and press my open mouth to her lips and exhale slow and deep.  My tongue slides up from the underneath of her button slowly then back down wetting her treasures of heaven for me to indulge. She is breathing harder now and she proceeds to drape her legs over my shoulders.  I flatten my tongue against her slit and run it up and down slowly tasting the salty fluid ebbing from her aching cunt.  She arches her back in response and I rip off her panties and dive in.  Her hands are on my head, fingers pulling my hair while pressing my mouth harder against her pussy.  My panties are soaking wet and white hot. My nipples are rock hard and ready for attention.  I pull her off the chair and lay myself down on my back.  I pull her toward me on her knees smiling.  She mounts my face.  As I devour her sweet pussy I look up to see her bottom lips between her teeth and eyes heavy beneath swooping lashes.  She grinds herself on my mouth and I explore her with my thumb.  She begins to rock her hips up and down bouncing on it swooning.  Her head is thrown back and her hair spills down her body like flames licking the sky.  She begins to quake and I am ready to taste her flooding eruption.  She lowers herself down to the ground on all fours and rides my mouth hard.  Spasms and twitches vibrate at higher frequency and I feel the walls of her sweet cunt contract against the pressure of my come soaked thumb.  She lets out a squeal and smothers me with sinister curves and succulent gushes.  Her shuddering body lays over me and our breasts touch once again moving in time with one another.  She looks down at me smiling and kisses my eyelids while stroking my hair.  She is all I can see and I am falling apart in her be continued.

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