Monday, November 8, 2010

My sights set on you

I'm squirming in my chair thinking of her.  Her soft skin, cursive lines and sexy demeanor.  I dream of her tied up to a chair naked, waiting for me to please her.  Her arms are tied to the back of the chair with her legs, hips and torso free.  She doesn't know what I intend to do with her.  We are in a dimly lit, warm room draped in deep reds and velvet textures. The same fabric I used to blindfold her lovely eyes.  She loves me, trusts me, so I tied her to the chair.  She wanted it.  She is far away from the real world here with me.  I love her and I trust her so I did what she asked of me.  Her toes are flat against the floor and her heels held high.  The arches of her feet call to me.  She is so inviting. I've thought about what I wanted to do with her already of course.  I've thought of it over and over while all alone in the house. 
         I will wash her here in the chair blindfolded. I have my basin full of soapy water and a carafe of clean water.  They are just the right temperature so that she won't get cold or scalded.  I have a large swatch of terry cloth dipped in the soapy water basin.  I lift it out at her feet slowly so she can hear the water and know its coming.  I begin with her feet and am careful not to tickle them.  I then move quickly up her ankles and legs so beautiful and curvaceous.  I squeeze the warm soapy water out of the rag all over her belly.  The bubbles slide down to her thighs and then pool beneath her pussy in the chair. What a heavenly place to swim I would think.  I proceed to her breasts heavy and waiting.  Her nipples harden and her mouth opens slightly at the warmth of the rag.  I unfold the rag and lay it across her round, heaving tits.  I then pull the rag up towards her neck slowly watching the wet, hot terry cloth lift her breasts up, and drag her nipples pressing them all hard against her aureoles.  As I'm doing this I lean forward and envelope her lower lip between mine.  I lightly suck it and run my tongue across it to let her know how good it's going to get.  I wring the warm water from the rag and it washes over her body as I'm kissing her.  I bend over her lap to soak the rag again letting my breasts lay on the top of her thigh as it absorbs afresh.  I bunch up the rag and press it between her thighs forcing her legs open.
       Her chest is out, her back arched and head back.  She is so fucking sexy.  I cannot imagine how I've managed to hold back this desire for so long.  I lift the carafe of clean, hot water and pour it down her whole body from her shoulders to her feet, all the while pressing my finger tips against her clit through the cloth.  I put two fingertips together and swirl them in slow circles making her quiver and moan.  I get on my knees before her and kiss her breast softly lingering over her nipples and sucking them hard.  I pour more clean, hot water down her body, but this time it's starting just above the cloth at her cunt.  The rag swells and swirls in my hand ticking the folds of her pussy and making her wet and wanton.  I lay my head against her thigh resting my chin against the wet rag and kiss her belly.  The movement of my chin presses against her and makes her writhe in the chair.  She tries to scoot forward.  She's desperate for more pressure there.
       I remove the rag slowly so as to let the loops of terry cloth all wet and warm follow her labia and run along the curve of her bell.  She spreads her legs wide out to either side of the chair, and then with her pretty feet arched and a perfectly sexy pout on her lips she says "Please, please kiss it."   I press my face with my mouth closed on her pussy and proceed to slowly let out my tongue.  I flatten it wide and cover all her folds with it.  I press just right and slowly lick upward torturing her and pleasing her all at the same time.  I kiss her beautiful cunt adoringly.  I am so excited now.  I am wet and my ass is high in the air as I eat her body and soul.  She is moaning and breathing as I lap at her pussy like it's cool ice cream on a sweltering afternoon.  She is so frustrated wanting to touch me.  I slide my right hand under her ass and push my thumb inside.  Contracting and quaking muscles shiver all around as I push further and deeper in slowly.  She cries out soft and eager at this.  I flatten my tongue against her sex again nice and wide licking up and down while I gradually pull out my soaking wet digit.  Her nipples are begging me to suck and pinch them.
    I raise my head up and press my pulsing pussy against her left knee.  She rubs it up and down against my mound.
           Like her, my whole body is wet and I am going to come.  I am brimming with desire to cry out and come all over her leg.  I press my pointer finger slightly on her wet asshole and slide it up and down while pounding her cunt with my fat thumb.  She is whining and crying out to me.  "Melissa I am going to come all over your fucking hand."  I fiendishly gyrate my hips against her leg and feel the impending orgasm through my cunt.  "Come for me sweet girl, come all over my hand so I can feel your hot cunt explode."  "There is nothing I want more than to hear your little voice while you have the best fucking orgasm of your life." 
        All her quaking muscles tremor and jolt around my thumb as she humps the base of my palm.  I feel the hot, sweet come ebbing from her as mine surges from me down her shin.  I slide down her with my pussy exploding and catch her juices in my mouth.  I lap at it and drink it all down while having the most incredible orgasm.  It's the best fucking pussy on earth and it's in my mouth.  My legs are crossed around her ankle with my ass sitting on the top her foot still surging with spasms from my earth shaking orgasm. We rest for a while in post orgasmic bliss. We will clean up and take a nap together. I love her and she loves me and we will always be good friends.

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