Monday, July 2, 2012

In the Garden a year later

Twisted red loops fitted with black elastic
mother of pearl dripping
from her earlobes
painted on her nails
dusts the wood with metals
reflective and pearlescent
visits peoples gardens
works the soil in the sun
planting with children
dreaming of her own garden
earthly delights
flowers mist the air
with sex and rain
click goes the camera
a tangle of emotions
captured, reflected
sent out to touch
to taste
to dance upon your eyes
to touch again and again
this gypsy mermaid
casts her bioluminescent net out to sea
in hopes of a remarkable catch
sings prairie songs
on the swingset
leaves trails of petals to her front door
the swings leave bruises on her arms
dream lovers
tesser actors
softest mouth
most careful caresses
No one is watching
secret hideout
say my name in that place
when you come

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