Sunday, July 15, 2012

Notes found in my book

I'm using my phone to post so these past few are coming through all wonky. It's the only computer I have. So bear with me....... I'll build my garden You could come show me your horticultural skills..... I think it sucks being lonely and being sad after getting my heart stomped, but as I reflect on the past year I'm thinking I'd rather be broken hearted, lonely and alone than broken hearted, lonely and still in a failing relationship… Ferris Wheel chat-
 The meat of the program is controlling all that switching You can look, but you can never look away The wheel has you. Smoke and whiskey isn't gonna get us anywhere Just don't be too bad or don't get caught… ……
 I want to be surprised sometime, like I do when I come around. Someone to play with the braids I came with tonight. I want to be taken in better than I've ever known. Blow me away with the most formidable acumen and insight I've ever encountered... Tell me you not only understand, but can challenge me. I am so wild and impenetrable...  …Animatronic Xmas deer yard decor are terrifying...... I need to be a black glitter shadow....... In generosity and helping others BE LIKE A RIVER

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